Carola Deep Blue

website: Carola Deep Blue
Facebook: Deep Blue
Instagram: deepbluekarol/
City: Rome
Country: Italy
Info: Alternative model from Rome, Italy, I’m 30 years old, I’m avalaible for portrait, fashion but especially for glamour and nude art shootings.
I love photography because this is my simultaneous world where I can be myself or pretent to be someone else. Posing for me is a way to escape from reality and monotony of every day, I can say, therefore, photography is the food of my soul!
Photographers: Valerio Lelli, Alessio Buzi, Carlo Spinoso, Luca Cassarà, Flavio Torre, Erico Burani, Niki Barbati, Michele Della Guardia, Beniamino Finocchiaro, Massimo Mancini

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