Cosimo F. Stasi

facebook: CosimoFStasiPH/
instagram: cosimo_f_stasi_ph/
city: Taranto
country: Italy
Bio: Cosimo F. Stasi was born in October 1986 in Carosino , a small town of 7000 souls , in the province of Taranto.
His studies were completed with a diploma in electrical engineering and automation ( subject of which the utility will not know in his life ).
Cosimo enlisted in 2006 in the Italian Army and he discover only three years later the photography’s existence during an reportage landscape abroad (with a compact of Olympus.. Shots unpublished for professional reasons); the passion aroused found his way only in 2013, when he decided to buy his first entry-level: a Nikon D3200.
Cosimo start practicig on subjects like flowers, insects , landscapes , experiencing all the exhibits on natural light.
In April 2014, the nightlife attracts the interest of Cosimo dragging him in discoteques, private club, festivals and concerts.
In August of 2014 he took part in his first workshop photo of glamour and artistic nude with known Luca De Nardo and model Natasha Legeyda; the experience represents a breakthrough in photographic interests of Cosimo, indeed he repeated its in April 2015, and perfecting his techniques in ways tf.

Also he participated in a workshop of still life with talented Silvio Bursomanno.
Today, Cosimo is a freelance photographer, he collaborates with leading professionals in the field of wedding and other major events, though he cultivated his passion for the glamour’s genre
He is inspired by photographer like: Mario testino, Joseph Cardo, Luca De Nardo, Emanuele Ferrari, Luca Cassarà and other big names of this vast world that is.. Photography.

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