Louise L’Amour

website: Louise L’Amour
instagram: louiselamour
City: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Bio: Winning the title of Miss Pin Up Portugal 2013 – produced by the Lisbon Tattoo & Rock Festival – was the starting point of her career as vintage, nude fine art, boudoir and fetish photo model, as well as a catwalk model for some of the most renowned european latex creators (Essen, Berlin and Barcelona are just some examples).
Besides creating her costumes and characters, Louise L’Amour brings a “Neo” touch to the Burlesque performances and Photoshoots, where the most noir, fetish and glamorous sides are always present and where the pointe ballet shoes, chains, highlights and the touch of aerial acrobatics are some of their brand images.
Credits: Bommi, Jose Casquet, Tentesion, TheBlackSheepGroup

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