Luca Cambiaso

facebook: Luca-Cambiaso-Photographer
City: Savona
Country: Italy
Info: My name is Luca Cambiaso, born in Chiavari (Ge) February 16, 1962.
After obtaining, in 1981, the diploma of artistic maturity, with a major in architecture and furniture, at the Art Institute of Chiavari and after completing my military duties, I undertook the work at a law architecture and then at various furniture stores, specializing as a designer and decorator. I worked in this area for over 25 years. In 2004 I began a brief stint at a small photo studio, giving vent to my passion for photography that I cultivated as a hobby since childhood. Assisted by passion and driven by small satisfactions, I decided to enroll at a group photo of the place and participate in courses and exhibitions organized by the club, dusting off so encyclopedias and books on photography always collected. They came the first successes, winning internal competitions and getting positive feedback from professional photographers. In Christmas of 2005, I gave her my first digital camera.
2006 and 2007 saw me collaborator as a freelance photographer at the monthly magazine Viva Rapallo, published by Edizioni srl Viva, Viva later Rapallo – Promotion Association Local 2008 and the next as a photographer at the weekly The New Sun, published by the BBC Levante srl. In 2008 the turning point. Thanks to the Group Photo of the Dopolavoro Ferroviario of Chiavari, which in the meantime he had become a counselor, who saw organizer and promoter of the 60th Congress of FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations) and which had authority to carry the logo of the Congress and all the section of graphic design, posters, brochures, pamphlets and presentation program, made my first solo exhibition entitled “Chiavari chiarioscuri”, photographic exhibition on glimpses of my town illuminated by special lighting, and built and placed in the context of the photo exhibitions Congress. A resounding success that finally convinced me to turn my photographic passion into profession. Currently working as a freelancer in my studio Course Italy, 23 int. 7 in Chiavari (Ge). I deal mainly with artistic photography, advertising, publishing, book and composit for models, photography for websites, photo catalogs, reports.

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