Romi Muse

website: Romi Muse
Facebook: Romi-Muse
City: Santiago del Chile
Country: Chile
Info: Freelance Travelling Art Nude Model. Interested in everything creative, passionate and full of feelings. I’m from Chile but I spent big part of my life in Barcelona. I’m a bit of a nomad, always travelling. I’m an actress and Art model. I’ve worked in advertising, theater, dance, artistic nude, body paint etc. I like to inspire, provoke, cause, confuse, create a dream, be dreamers. I’m professional with everything that I do, I like to be sensual but not sexual. I don’t relate myself with porn style and I don’t want to be related neither.
Photographers: Rik Williams, Erik te Nijenhuis, Peter VR, Mark Rhodes, Paula Bertran, Thomas, Bichler, Nick Dale, Stefano Brunesci, Tim Pile, Cam Attree, G+D Photography