The colors of pleasure – Paula Bertran

Photographer: Paula Bertràn Salinas
Instagram: Model: Musa de Lirio

Story: When a woman explores the emotions and experience the pleasure of floating , swimming in a medium as smooth and aesthetically beautiful as milk, if we add color, we get a large number of shapes and rattling , body movements. Some sensuales, some erotic, some sensitive, some of joy.

Bio: Paula Bertran (36), Chile, learned and developed his self-taught photography since age 15, from analog to digital, his photographs have been around the world in different printed and digital magazines, exhibitions in europe, books and even themed postcards in the old continent, the passion that started as a hobby became today almost a way of life, without the desire to project its name as a photographer, but rather to project his photography as a form of expression.
In the work of Paula Bertran find an extensive registration and striking work with models and a deep search to transmit sensations to the body as the main element and the almost infinite variables that it provides all the finesse of a careful work and white black, although occasionally carried away by the color to tell their pictures as on this occasion. “Photography is concrete emotions, a desire, an aesthetic, a mental idea. It is like a mirror that reflects who he is and who photographed picture. And a mirror against another can give us an infinite image.”

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