The shadow and the grace

Photographer: Alberto Desirò
Story: The Shadow and the Grace

A photographic project dedicated to beauty. A personal wish for a new world of ‘human beauty’, as the light of the Sun, Spring, the reflection in the dark of the moon, the blue sky in summer, the sounds of life, the smells of the earth, the people we love.

Three images that have a single vision, an architecture body, ideograms that quietly invite us to perform a ritual of reminiscence. Push us to the perception of beauty forms that lead to man to rediscover gradually through knowledge soothed those eternal ideas that are the cause and origin of the world we know.

A memory awakening, the reawakening of knowledge already present in our soul forever. The soul as a vital fire that can never go out because innascibile as knowledge itself that we must let resurface to be re-enchanted and find in us the truth that the soul holds as sacred chest

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