photographer: Ben Ernst
model: Faith
story: Faith and I know each other a couple of years. We plan shoots a few times a year. For this shoot, I booked a studio in Amsterdam, but there was a power cut, so we had to cancel the whole shoot/idea/concepts.

The next day we found another studio, with daylight in a huge old school building converted in a workspace for several creative small businesses (photographers, jewelers, sculptors, IT and more).

The tile of the set became: 3. First of all, we did the shoot on the 3rd floor in a conference room with loads of light. Second, the building started as a girls school, became later part of a university and third now its a more commercial use. The third 3 is Faith. She is originally from Nigeria, she lived in London, studied theatre and dance in Paris and just moved to Germany.

The concept: Faith has her space in light, she opens the door and shows the place. The last image has a more vague sight of the outer world, has a different edit and gives the impression of the private space in the surrounding world.

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