photographer: Ben Ernst
model: Gwendolyn Jane & Sienna Hayes
story: Concept of the shoot is water.

We went for the shoot to a NP in the dunes in the Netherlands.

First to a little lake/ pond filled with waterlilies. Then the rain (water) interrupted the next part, so we went to a beach restaurant.

Fortunately the weather improved and we continued at the seashore/ beach. It was a real Dutch summer, so Sienna and Gwen had to stand the Dutch wind and temperatures. Brave models. It was the first time we all three worked together. I hosted both in our house, during their European our (Sienna en Gwen are living in the US).
The sets are partly in colour and BW, depending on the atmosphere I like to achieve.

Important to say that both models improved the shoot by adding ideas and poses. I like the involvement of models, not only by posing but also to improve the shots through their ideas/suggestions.

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